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FJ forum speed issue solution is in the works

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Just FYI to everyone, hang in there. We are working behind the scenes to implement a new, faster FJ forum software.

ax0n is working like a dog all weekend so throw him a bone!

We'll be back to better then normal soon.

Thank you for your patience.

The FJ Staff
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it could be the php/mysql backend that's bottlenecking...happened to me before on a slower host.
Bingo... Optimizing the MySql and PHP is the next step.
Actually, it appears that it is running rather smoothly at this time, with occassional hiccups. If anyone wants to help, reduce the number of posts and topics that you see per page and limit to view the posts that have been active only in last week or so. This can all be accessed through the My Home / Display Preferences. If you don't care about signatures, feel free to turn them off as well.

These improvements are small on the individual basis, but when you multiply it with couple of thousand people, it matters.
Until further notice, the search will be disabled.

Additionally, on Monday, all PMs older then 30 days will be deleted. Please make sure that all the PMs that you need are written down somewhere else.

Both of these steps are only a temporary relief for the server, while we optimize the software components on the server.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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