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FJ forum speed issue solution is in the works

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Just FYI to everyone, hang in there. We are working behind the scenes to implement a new, faster FJ forum software.

ax0n is working like a dog all weekend so throw him a bone!

We'll be back to better then normal soon.

Thank you for your patience.

The FJ Staff
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I agree.
It's hard to be enthused when surfing the same amt of threads takes twice as long.
I feel for those w/ ADD....
I click reply, go make a sandwich, then come back and have to click back to remember what I was wanting to say...
What I've been doing is using the 'Right Click==>Open in New Window' option. I'll open two or three threads then go back to the first one and read it once it has opened. It also helps to use 'Open in New Window' when replying so you can go back to the original thread. Plus, I set the 'posts per page' setting pretty high to minimize the need to wait for it to switch to the next page.

Do these things have an impact on server performance? If so, any guidelines? I'd hate to be part of the problem. I'm just so damn impatient.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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