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Can anyone flash or tune my 02 svt? South jersey area. [email protected]
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Like I said in your team tech question.

Take it to a dealer, ahve them check your ECU code for any TSB reflashes put out by ford.

should be under warranty.

otherwise, look into aftermarket tuning and dyno time. they are loacted in Media, PA and in Maryland. My dad is the SCT tuner.
give them a call.
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I would go to McNews , they tuned mine, and it has gained a ton of low end torque, also it pulls harder in any RPM range deffinately happy with it
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McNews always does good work.
Thanks guys. Now i need to scrounge up some disposable income for some programming.
Definately McNews.

Best in the area for the Focus
How much we talking?!?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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