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flat black paint question

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other than the traditional primer, what are the options that I would have. Also, the pros/cons in going with flat black paint. I love the look, and since the ol focus is goin into the paint booth anyway....
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There are different ways of mixig your clear, using different hardeners, catalysts, and reducers to get the desired effect in the final finish.

I've seen a flat black SVTF, and in my opinion, it looked like ass. It just doesn't work with the car and the lines of the Focus.
if you are going to do flat colors have an automotive place mix in the flattening agent, don't know the name of it, and have them spray it with it already mixed in. It gives it a smooth clean look that is more dynamic with light interaction. My friends dad had a stingray painted in flat red, with a little blue pearl and it was insane looking. He decided to spray some other roadster (I think it was an old volvo) in flat black and it looked really cool. I've seen people have their car done with flat paint, not having an automotive painter add the flattening agent to it during mixing, and it look like absolute [censored]. It might be worth looking into though.
from what i understand, flat black is a bugger to keep looking good, as one can see imperfections in it quite easily.
First off ...this is my first post so Howdy....but second If you do consider doing your car have it done pro. There is 5 cars rolling around here (Memphis area) and eclipse,crx,civic,prelude and another civic .At night the look awesome there is no glare from the light off of them and the just look almost invisible. at daytime it looks like they just wrecked it and are awaiting professional work.It looks horrible.Primered cars look pretty cool when wet but after it rains it looks worse than a normal car.But thats just my 2 cents.
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