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FlowLighting HID Kit - $234.99

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Check it out here:

The FlowLighting HID's are 3 times brighter than standard halogen bulbs.

The kit comes with everything you need: 2 ballasts, 2 bulbs, harnesses, hardware and instructions. 6,000K and 8,000K are the most popular colors. 6,000 is white/blue. 8,000 is more blue. 14,000 is a very rare purple. The stock color is around 3,500K (yellow).

The install is super easy! Take your regular bulbs out by twisting them. Twist in the new HID bulbs. Mount the ballasts. Plug the power wire from the ballasts into the stock wiring. Plug the other end of the ballast into the bulb. Light it up!

To mount the ballasts, find a flat surface in the engine bay. Use the included mounting hardware to securely mount the ballast. If you can't find a suitable flat area, you can try cable ties to secure the ballast to some sturdy object. It is also possible to use strong double-sided adhesive foam.

* FlowLighting HID kits are for off-road and show use only.

6,000K vs. stock halogen

14,000K vs. stock halogen

8,000K vs. stock halogen

6,000K vs. stock halogen

Very durable, completely enclosed, waterproof ballast

Do not touch the glass bulbs! Oils from your hand will ruin them. They are packed in a protective cover.

1 year warranty. FlowLighting is my brand. FlowLighting by High quality just like the FlowLighting Blaze Underbody kit. These HIDs are made by Techone.

Right now, I've got the 6,000 and 8,000 K in stock because that seems to be most popular. Let me know if you need a different color.

Check it out here:[/b]

Any questions, I'm easy to get a hold of:

aim: philbish
cell: 925-683-1839
toll free: 800-245-8131
email: phil at
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is there any way we could start a group buy on this? looks like a great deal!
Perhaps. My experience with group buys hasn't been good.

But I am open to the idea. The price is already quite low.
just sent you an e-mail about them
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do you have kits that are for h7 hella projectors for the Focus? i'm really interested in these? also do they have a warranty of a lifespan?
I've got a few H7, yep

1 year warranty
hmmm, cool, if one were to burn out for some odd reason or the ballast might go bad would somebody just get ahold of you?
I am pretty easy to get a hold of

aim: philbish
email: phil at
toll free: 800-245-8131
cell: 925-683-1939
Is this another one of those kits that causes us the loss of our high beams?
It depends on the bulb size your headlight housings use. I've seen some that use more than one bulb.
phillip, it will make you lose your hi beams, but they bright enough to not matter.
Maybe not to you, but it does me.
I'd rather not blind the hell out of oncoming traffic.

It depends on the bulb size your headlight housings use. I've seen some that use more than one bulb.
That's what I was wondering. Looks like a housing swap would be needed to do it properly.
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if i had projector housings, i'd be all over this
Guys i'd like to comment here about the quality of these...
im going to be getting these soon hopefully

once i saw them i knew i wanted em
they are extremely bright and it seems to be a good HID alternative to paying i think the Machs are at like 800+ for us

anyway Phil ( sells real high quality parts and always backs them 100%

if your looking for new headlights this is something to save for IMHO

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I've got some H1 in stock.

Sorry I don't have H2. Contact me directly if you need H2
Sorry, I don't have any pictures of it on the Focus.
h9 kits available?
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