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Focus in the Hills Meet *official* *Logan, Ohio*

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1st. annual Focus in the hills meet 2012. In Logan, ohio at Hocking hills state park.

-Scenic drive through the hills of Hocking state park.
-Possible awards and prizes
-Scavenger Hunt
-Zip line

Location: Logan, Ohio/ Hocking Hills state park
Meeting Location: Oldmans Cave

From Logan, Ohio:
Take 664 South 12 miles to park.

Date: Oct. 13th @ noon

Having it on the 13th so people can stay the night if they would like and still have a day to get home.

Parks and sites:

-Old Man's cave
-Rock house
-Conkle's Hollow
-Ash cave
-Cantwell Cliffs
-Cedar falls

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We'll see... it's a 4 hour drive for me...
I'll be there plus 1. Coming from Cincinnati, let me know if anyone else is coming from around me!
Here's the FB page:

Correct link added!
Correct link added
I couldnt figure it out or find it on FB.
You should be able to go straight there from that link but it's probably friends only. PM me your info and I'll add ya.
I just changed it to public so eveyrone can see it. mybad.
I found it on FF and it worked from there. I'm joined and going. All good now, thanks dude.
I just saw thanks. I tried to add you as a friend but you don't seem to have the option to.
My **** is set to crazy private since I'm in law enforcement. I'll add ya bud
I'm going, I missed the last meet in my area and will not miss this one for the world. See ya guys there :)
Sweet, can't wait to meet you.

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This is still going down correct? Haven't heard much about this I even got my camping gear all ready to go lol
Yes it is meeting at noon at old mans cave. At least 12 others are showing. My focus isn't going to make it so ill be in a black camry. I plan to get there early so I can get a bunch of spots held.

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Old mans cave is packed for some stupid art show I'm going to wait here till I can flag down a focus. I have a black tshirt with ford on it on and a grey under armor hat. We are going to have to move to another location.

Meet at the ranger station next to old mans cave.
Meet at conkles hollow it the next park down the road from old mans cave.
Are you gonna attempt this again James?
Yea ill give it another go next year. Third times a charm. Ill have to get ahold of the rangers up there to see what's going on to make sure I don't run into the mess like this year.

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We should try to get something going soon.
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