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Focus is broken, but parts on the way

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I blew another clutch, but on the way I have

CM stage 1 clutch
Fidanza flywheel
FC ORP w/MIL eliminator
MSD coil and wires
180* thermostat

and after the breakin period I'll be sticking on a new fuel filter, motorcraft copper plugs, new tires, and a little bitty shot of nitrous(i've got a dry kit, so I'm not going to do over a 35'll be like vtec on a honda lol)

i'm excited...I'm kind of dissappointed that I didn't have the extra funds for an LSD though, oh well.
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If I was you, I'd skip the CAI, ORP and MSD for now and just spend the 8 hundy on that Torsen differential a few posts down. Since you're already going to be in the area - I'd throw it in. Esp. with that lighweight flywheel and "nawz" - if not you'll be leaving peg-leg burnouts all over.
well, hindsight is 20/20
I've already ordered the stuff unfortunately. And the nitrous is only going to be a 35 shot, so I don't think I have to worry about traction from a roll. However...I'm thinking that maybe next week before I start to put the stuff on I may have to see how much change I have to spare and go ahead and get the Torsen
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The diff would be nice, but just be realistic. Is the price really going to be worth the use your'e going to get out of it?
I think it would be for me in Michigan. And for occasional jaunts around the track.
yea would help him in the winter quite a bit
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