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Hey everyone,

We'll be posting the raw times from the Focus Challenge some time today (if Chris has downloaded them yet).

What I need from all of you is to post your handicap (or Private message me with it).

Those of you who have not figured out your handicap need to go to the Focus Challenge website and calculate your handicap:

Until I receive your handicap value, you will not be included in the official results of the event.

Raw Lap Times



Combined Raw Results (FC Sessions #1 and #2):

Focus Sport: 1:31.242
AirForce Focus: 1:31.920
Josh Young: 1:36.106
Lorin Mueller: 1:36.195
Walter Marcy: 1:36.592
Dana Eastman: 1:36.641
Scott Laird: 1:36.642
Alex Fruehsamer: 1:37.333
Vik Kazanjian: 1:38.514
Anthony Chelini: 1:40.390
Ryan Bauer: 1:41.172
Clint Boisdeau: 1:41.330
Paul Haskew: 1:41.430
Vitaliy Alexeev: 1:43.204
Jeff Glancy: 1:44.987
Waldo Parravicini: 1:45.092
Arturo Arreseigo: 1:45.260
Samuel Franks: 1:48.855
Kevan Carstensen: 1:49.348

FocusSport: -0.25
ScottishSVT: 3.0
WallyGator: 10.0
Jefe: 9.8
DanamaxSVT: 2.5
AirForceFocus: -0.2
Acnon: 10.25
Demon4545: 9.75
FocusAZ1: 2.75
OmniFocus: 7.25
SVT Proto: 3.5
Clint Boisdeau: 6.8

Results, Following Application of Handicaps:

1st: Lorin Mueller 1:28.945
2nd: FocusSport 1:31.492
3rd: Walter Marcy 1:32.092
4th: Chris Stout: 1:32.120
5th: Josh Young: 1:33.356
6th: Scott Laird: 1:33.642
7th: Alex Fruehsamer 1:34.083
8th: Dana Eastman 1:34.141
9th: Clint Boisdeau 1:34.53
10th: Acnon 1:35.01
11th: WallyGator 1:35.092
12th: Jeff Glancy 1:35.187
13th: Paul Haskew 1:39.180

Now, these results are not final, as Im still missing revised handicaps from several individuals.

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My handicap is 3.0.

Another great event by you guys keep it up, Also keep trying for a nor-cal track day, the drive back was very ,very bad there was a major grass fire next to the 5 freeway and it took me about 7 hours to get home.

Again keep up the great work.


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Mine is 2.3

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Mine is 10.25

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Did you ever get a login? You need a login first to calculate it.

Either that or PM the powers that be your mod list so they can calculate it for you.

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slidemaster said:
is that -2.3 as you have one of the most developed cars in the country

JK your car chris is bad ass. Ford should continue to follow it
Thanks! I wondered about the handicap number, but have gone over it three times. So far, it looks right.

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FocusSportVP said:
Oh just thought of something. Our Focus has a 2-3 on the windshield. Is that what I'm looking for?
The 2-3 on the windshield just means Group 2, Car #3.

I don't know if new account creation is still possible with the site, but since Raffi is already on the driver list, perhaps he could logon and enter all the car info on his account?
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