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focus sohc to a dohc engine

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Has any body ever done a sohc to a dohc engine n a focus. I know it has been done but i would like some info on this change. I hear i will have to change a axle, pcm, wiring harness, and possible the motor mounts? .Any info would be great thanks
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the only mount thaqt isnt the same, is the pass side engine mount, personally, if your doing it for more power, dont bother, the zetec isnt that much of a better engine. if you want power, i always reccomend a good turbo set-up

he did a zetec in that thread, so yes, its gonna be just as much work. while there are a lot of things that are shared between the 2 motors, there is still ALOT that has to be changed to put in a zetec. ECU, wiring harnesees, engine mounjts, tranny,and various other bits

and honestly it isnt enough of an upgrade to warrant all that work, id just slap a turbo on the SPI, get it tuned, and roll with it, youll be taking any N/A zetec out there. and poss a few F/I zetecs too depepnding on your set-up.

true, it is a good idea to get the head worked on and get the hardened valve seals, thoug i have had my SPI since new, and have 120k on here of Hard miles, and have done anything internally, and she runs like a top.

but my point still stands, the SPI to Zetec swap isnt worth it, if your gonna swap, it should be at least to a Duratec. once i can find a donor, im gonna drop a 2.3 in my SPI focus, and have a suitable starting platform.

lol, money and the ability to do it without welding/ actual mechanical schooling. ie the backyard mechanic lol
nah, if i was going to swap, IMO the only one worth it is to a duratec.
lol thats why i said IMO.

and a direct swap is not worth it, but if ur gonna be building it, then it may be. im just sayin that apples to apples, the strait SPI to SVT swap isnt worth it IMO. i just think if your goin through the trouble, the 2.3 dura is a much better engine.
1 - 7 of 39 Posts
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