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focus sohc to a dohc engine

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Has any body ever done a sohc to a dohc engine n a focus. I know it has been done but i would like some info on this change. I hear i will have to change a axle, pcm, wiring harness, and possible the motor mounts? .Any info would be great thanks
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try to find a newer focus with the 2.3 duratec... the zetec is pretty much dead as far as R&D goes... sad to say.
I have an svt and agree that duratec is the way to go. Countour engine = dead, duratec is in production and getting at least SOME after market support for our platform.
if its for your kid just get them a 82 civic thats got easily replaceable parts. it'll teach em engines and give them an appreciation for nice cars should they ever get one. :)
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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