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focus sohc to a dohc engine

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Has any body ever done a sohc to a dohc engine n a focus. I know it has been done but i would like some info on this change. I hear i will have to change a axle, pcm, wiring harness, and possible the motor mounts? .Any info would be great thanks
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ladybug04 said:
true, it is a good idea to get the head worked on and get the hardened valve seals, thoug i have had my SPI since new, and have 120k on here of Hard miles, and have done anything internally, and she runs like a top.

but my point still stands, the SPI to Zetec swap isnt worth it, if your gonna swap, it should be at least to a Duratec. once i can find a donor, im gonna drop a 2.3 in my SPI focus, and have a suitable starting platform.

seconded. i'd only go for a Duratec (preferably the 2.3, but i dont even know if i can find a focus with a 2.3 in canada). seems to be super easy to find upgrades for the D tho.
I'd third the Duratec swap, find a donor car like a rollover or something and go to town.

The only way the Zetec swap makes sense is if the donor car is SUPER cheap.
i almost got my hands on a rolled SVT for the cheaps 2 months ago.
but i found out it rolled AFTER breaking the front axle and an engine mount going off a jump.... =(
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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