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Just thought I'd post on here that I installed them, and share my perceptions. I installed them both at the same time, so I can't tell you exactly which does what, but the combination does have effects:

1. I think the best thing is that the engine revs faster now. In other words, it gets from idle to power making RPMs faster in neutral, or with the clutch depressed. This faster spin-up does make it easier to move from a state of idle at a dead stop, to a state of acceleration. It doesn't make it perfect, but noticeably better - especially in cooler temps with the air cond off - but even in hot temps with the air on it does some good.

2. There does seem to be an overall increase in power. It seems to pull harder off the line, and just in general. It's not an amazing amount, but I do notice it.

3. For the first time since I owned the car I felt the DSI shift! I actually felt it! I almost thought the dang thing was broken until I did a high accel run after installing these parts. I cracked a smile on that one for sure!

4. The Cool-Flo makes the SVTF sound meaner. It does give the impression of more power to anyone standing around, but I'm sure most after market intakes would.

5. Both the FocusSport Cool-Flo and the FocusCentral 65MM SVT throttlebody look and feel like high quality items. That 65MM SVT t/b dwarfs the stock unit! The Cool-Flo looks tasteful, and not overwhelming (like some other intakes I've seen) when installed. A plus is that the stock SVT snorkel intake does feed into the bottom of it, with a little adjustment.

Overall I'd say it was a worthwhile upgrade. If you are low on funds, I wouldn't advise you to start selling off prized possessions to buy them, but if you've got the moolah, I'd say go for it.

Thanks to Elderfeces (focaljet member) for giving me his thoughts on this combo before I purchased them.
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