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FocusSport Exhaust is ON........I am exhausted!!!

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Who said I was installing it.......I have this dumbass fear of putting the car on jackstands, crawling under it, and then the car collapses.

So if it has something to with under the car and jackstands then I will probby take it somewhere to have it done.

That being said....

-It has great quality and the welds are all A++++.

-What sound? I can hardly hear it unless I am speeding up which is good since I spend a lot of time in traffic on I-10. Under acceleration though, with the intake, MY GOD ITS A BEAUTIFUL THING. Very mellow and meshes well with the bark of my Cool-Flo.

-Acceleration is much improved as the car keeps me in my seat for a lot longer than it did this morning. But that is according to my butt-o-meter. I may have picked up like 6-8hp in all but well worth it in my SPI quest.

This kit is very well made and very streetable and I would recommend that if you like the mellow sound and not the outright loud then you need this exhaust.

Excuse me while I go put my silicon hoses on and wash her up right now.

BTW, pics will be up when I see that she is ready for show season......may be a few more weeks though!!!

Gabe Greene
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Way to go, I did mine also, and I had the same fear, but its worth it, just make sure you check the bolts in about a week to make sure they are still tight.
Watch out Gabe. You've got my ZX3 to compete with at shows.
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Come one Uncle Sam wheres my money? (Tapping fingers)

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