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For sale, 201,000 miles, 2-door Focus SVT. Elizabethtown, KY (about 40 min. south of Louisville).

Shop it's parked at offering $500; I'll entertain any offer north of $500 as long as you haul it off yourself (I'd prefer STeVe go to an enthusiast rather that end up in a scrap yard).

Rough on the outside, but otherwise well-maintained (until recent mishap).

About a month ago I had a leaky radiator hose replaced on STeVe. They also replaced the thermostat. Wednesday (Sept 8th), while on the expressway, a coolant hose tore near the thermostat and dumped all the coolant. Temp gauge was pegged in the red before I noticed anything wrong. I pulled over, shut it off, and poured two jugs of coolant into the radiator. It all ended up on the pavement.

Car sold as is. Motor cranks. No Compression. RIP STeVe.

What's new:
Brand-new battery, drive-axles, and rear motor-mount.

What's near new:
Shocks, brakes and pads replaced within the last 20,000 miles.

What's rough (besides the motor):
Front windshield is cracked 95% of the way across, hood paint shows visible pebble damage (I suspect one of the early owners did some wheel-to-wheel racing), cracks on driver's-side front bumper, hand-brake non-functioning (strap this thing down if you haul it off — NO ENGINE COMPRESSION). Wheels are beat to ****. One tire is new, the rest are worn but still roadworthy. A/C not working.

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STeVe is dyslexic. Don't make fun.

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If you are really considering 500, then I recommend you parting out the car, wheels, header, headlights and bumpers alone already are worth more than the 500
I appreciate the response.

I'm a student interning in a remote town while taking classes. I'm looking for someone to take this off my hands. I don't have time for it.

For anyone who might be interested in parting this out, all the important bits are intact:
intake manifold
FSwerks Stealth exhaust I installed back in 2016. Still looks good.
headlights even look good when polished up

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Still for sale
The car is still in my possession. It now resides in my mother's garage in Louisville. I'm finishing up an internship in a town further south.

I'm considering making a project out of it.

At some point this summer I'm finally going to get the oil out of this thing (It looks ok, by the dipstick). If it's got coolant in it, the engines junk after sitting this long. If the oil looks good I'm thinking about pulling the head off and having someone local deck and rebuild it. Hope with new rings it will make compression.

I'll post an update when I get the oil out, maybe a revenant SVT project. Maybe it will be for sale at a haul-it-off price.
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