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Ford Equator Concept

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This may hint at the next Escape design.

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Looks like a station wagon.
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I'm not keen on street trucks, and yes I think it looks like a truck, however this looks pretty good, I agree on the comment on the frontal treatment, nice.

Sorry, I want a Focus Hybrid, next......
not bad. although they've been showing headlight clusters like that on concepts for how many years now? has it ever made it to a production car or a facelift or ANYTHING?
I like it except that lower grill opening looks horrible to me.

"You've got a purdy mouth".
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Is that a variation of/on the Freestyle?
So they're turning the Explorer Truck back into a SUV (that doesn't happen to be an Explorer)?
Looks like an Escape with a cool front end
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it reminds me of an escape/freestyle mix.. i like it
I love the Escape's looks and this is a good direction. Now we'll just wait for Ford to screw it up somehow.
ANyone else catch this:

"The powerplant is Ford’s 3.0L Duratec V6 tuned to deliver 195 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque,....."

I have never heard of a 3.0L Duratec making that much torque. Most of the time they make around 200-220HP/200tq....
"The Equator is basically a glimpse at what a revised Escape might look like. As you can tell, the donor vehicle is a 2005 Escape with a new front end, hood and sills."

Looks good. Love the seats.
I have never heard of a 3.0L Duratec making that much torque. Most of the time they make around 200-220HP/200tq....
Well, the 2.3 Duratec found in the Ranger makes about 20 lb-ft more than the Focus version just because of the head. If you're tweaking the cams, head, and ECU tuning, it doesn't seem too out of range to sacrifice 25 hp for a great big gob of torque.
am i the only one that thinks it looks like a land rover?
and if it had fulltime AWD i'd get it if only it kept those lights for sure
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Looks like they revamp the escape with the 3 bar ford grill and then added bigger wheels and concept headlight that we will never see. I like it.I like the lil escapaaaaaaaaaaa as it is as well though
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Here's the reality of this:

Take that, and remove the obvious show headlights. Then put on a boring front bumper, and 16" aluminum wheels. Then raise it 2" for tire chain clearance. Then park it beside a current Escape.

I can't see the difference, can you see the difference?

It's the same mistake Ford has been making a lot lately. Significantly re-engineer a vehicle, but make it look almost exactly like the outgoing model, and customers don't notice it.
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