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I just received this in an e-mail....I signed up on the site and now this....


I'm glad someone noticed!

Ford Service has a limited quantity of the new brake material. 3 door and 5 door
models have had it in production since Feb 2003. The sedans and wagons start
getting the new material next week. Same supplier (Ferodo UK), but it's a unique
North American lining, so it took over a year to validate and certify. The pads
have better wear and are less aggressive against the rotors, so rotor
replacements should go way down. Production capacity is a bit constrained for a
few more months, because the pads are made with a different process and
formulation. Capacity will double by about late July.

Thanks to the web site, the VP's and exec's approved a big cost increase.
Without it, there's no way they would have gone along with the cost increase.
Damn executives will only do the right thing when their bonuses are on the line.


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Ouch. That's bad news for the racers that use the stock pad as a racing pad..... but good news for the general public!

Hmm... Maybe I should stock up on Ford pads...

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<Runs out to buy up stock in the awesome pad material that some whiney bitches just got canned>

Damn. Those pads were awesome. Luckily I don't need them anymore (wilwood). Well, I still need them for the rear, but I guess it's not as important.

I just don't get it. The Focus has WAY better brake durability than any of my father's GM's. Some people will complain about anything.

If there was anything to really complain about, it was the rotors had no room to be machined. Other than that...

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