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Hi All

Our web site has been updated. Tell me what you think look at the zero to hundred clip its rather cool.

Ford Focus Club - South Africa
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Cool video clip,any info on it? Is that truely 100 mph pulling right at 3rd gear?
And why are all the pics on your site all of the rear of the fOCUS? Post some if you could.Cool link though,very Global
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No not 100 mile 100 kilo we work in Kilo's Here in South Africa. Sorry got none of the fronts most guys / gals here like the rear of the Focus. Will get more Next Time. The Focus that has the Zero to 100 Kilo is Mine its done in +/- 7seconds. Details in Sig. Thanks for the comment
I thought that you were talking about kilos.Car sounds great,and please explain the theory abnut u guys liking mostly the rear of the car? I find the front of the fOCUS a veby edgy design that has a look on its on.Are the cars there right hand drive?
Nice looking cars. Man I keep diggin those short bumpers (over here our are like a 30cm out haha)

May I suggest making Thumnails to the pictures? This would allow the picture index to load MUCH MUCH MUCH faster. As it is now, its just the full images reduced to a smaller size.

I am extremely important, run a company, own fast cars, have lots of "womenz", and am on the top 10 most coolest people on the planet.... so my time is too precious to wait for all the full ress pics to load at once! Hahaha LOL

BTW: Are those key locks on the gas doors?
is he shifting at 7k........i didnt think thay would go that high w/out fuel
cut off
BTW: Are those key locks on the gas doors?
They are euro fuel doors with the key. You know where you can get it.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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