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"Being a family man now... I drive a minivan. How sexy is that? A minivan? Hell next to a minivan, anything is a sportscar. Go tooling around in a FORD FOCUS and I'll be the king of the road!"

OK whats this have to do with anything.... Friday night, me and some of da SoCal Crew went out to see funnyman Craig Shoemaker ( ) aka "The Lovemaster" do his standup schtick.

My brother... FJ's own lovable Kwyjibo, is Craig's IT guy... and so craig busts out that line specifically for us.

MY GOD WE LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF! Literally the 9 of us that were sitting in our group busted out in tears when he cracked that one.

He also had a couple other lines that he was gonna throw in directed at us... but some jackhole in the front laughed so hard that he completely threw Craig's act for a loop. (although Craig did go on to the POT jokes for a while with em!)

Anyone who wants a sample of his work.. hit up and listen to the mp3s... (PG-13 warning!!!)

Craig has been a regular on Hollywood Squares, The Tom Leykis Show, was named the Stand-Up Comedian of the Year by the American Comedy Assn. and his movie "The Lovemaster" won the best movie award at the LA Independant Film Festival. Check him out... and definately see him when he gets to a club near you... you WILL LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!!
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