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Ford Racing Head?

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Soon I am taking deliver of a FRPP manifold (thanks to Travis). The next step is to order the Ford Racing head.

How can I be 100% sure this is a post-recall head without installing the cams? My stage 2 Crowers are already installed on my car, and I want to avoid pulling them to check clearances on the FRPP head before I send it off to get port matched to the intake manifold. I appreciate the help/information.
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Put your stock ones in it. By the way I'm using one of those heads theres nothing wrong with the head you just can't use stock lifters but if you find the right lifters the head works fine.
and buy some extra lifters or take the ones out of your head or find somewhere that has some just sitting around I have plenty of them but I didn't look where you were from.
You are talking about shims...right?
Yeah he is
Does Ford sell a "multi-pack" of shims, or would I have better luck trying to buy some from Focus Sport or Esslinger?
No the lifters I am talking about come from a 98 contour they make them plenty big enough to cover the gap.
could you use the esslinger intake cam with this head with a turbo? i know this is the NA forum but no-one is talking about this head in the forced induction side

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:shakes head:

you shaking up and down or side to side?
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