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Fordparts is shady....

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Well, I thought I would give SVT lip a try since my xenon is too low...
I was happy that S/H is $6.95, which makes sense, it's just a piece of rubber. But, apparently they don't think it that way.

Here is the email I got:


"Due to the size of the package that this part would have to be
shipped in the shipping cost is $20.00 instaed of the $6.95 that is shown
in the website.

It may not be cost effective to purchase this part online due to high
freight costs."

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Dood.. it would be shady if they shipped it to you and charged your card.

Relax. What they did was ethical and logical. You should be happy that they did that.
Its not at all lazy... when you're dealing with a system with literally thousands of parts.. they set the system to set shipping based on weight.

Again... its an oversized part. So it can't go by that alone.

Hey... you're upset cuz you thought the shipping was cheap... so you cancelled your order. I hightly doubt that they're pissed at you for doing that.... cuz they're reliable upstanding business people.

It might be cheaper for you to buy it at you local dealer after the shipping cost. For me, it was cheaper to buy an SVT snorkel from them and pay for shipping than to get it at the dealer 5 blocks away from me.... so I went with them! Good luck to ya
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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