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Fordparts is shady....

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Well, I thought I would give SVT lip a try since my xenon is too low...
I was happy that S/H is $6.95, which makes sense, it's just a piece of rubber. But, apparently they don't think it that way.

Here is the email I got:


"Due to the size of the package that this part would have to be
shipped in the shipping cost is $20.00 instaed of the $6.95 that is shown
in the website.

It may not be cost effective to purchase this part online due to high
freight costs."

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Yep, by no means is that shady. They got human intervention involved and allowed you to back out when the terms changed. Yeah, it would be great if their website just didn't base shipping on 10% of the purchase price, when exceptions do apply. It's not like they forced you to buy it at the higher price and they even suggested that it might not be right to buy it from them due to the higher shipping costs. What more could you expect? You'd rather them lose money on this sale? And jack up the shipping prices for everyone else in the future. Yeah you got a confirmation but in most states a contract can be broken in the first 48 hours for any reason. I personally think what they did was good business and was fair to you and themselves. I've had good experiences buying from them in the past.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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