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At around Midnight Central Time, I'm going to start on the forum migration. Please See Focaljet: The Next Generation for details.

In the time being, the Lounge forum is open.

For those who care, the plan is to be back up by Sunday at the latest, but if the initial beta testing goes well, the new FJ could be live as soon as Saturday evening!

There is a LOT for our admins and assistants to get done, so please bear with us. Not only are we migrating to a newer, more powerful server -- We're also switching software.

At midnight, I will close the forums entirely for just a moment, to make a backup of the database. I will also disable new user sign-ups. From then on, anything posted here will be null and void, and will be gone once we come back up on the new hardware.

After the backup has been transferred to the new server and restored on it, I will begin the process of importing all the users, forums, PM's and threads into the new software (vBulletin 3)

Forums may need to be re-sorted back into groups like they are now, and the forum permissions will be all out of whack. We will need to spend an hour or two manually fixing these issues. This includes adding moderators and administrators back into their proper groups, and re-banning previousely banned users.

Finally, our core of beta testers will have at it. Once they all give me the thumbs up, the link on the front page will change to the new URL, and this forum will (for a few days) still re-direct you to the new forums page as well.
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