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Front Drivers Window Problems

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I am having problems with the front drivers window of my Focus. It's a 2003 ZTS (Centennial) 5 speed with 43K miles. Sometimes it just quits. I called the dealer and they said something about hitting the door panel right near the speaker to fix it. <font color="red"> RED FLAG </font> Why is the dealership telling me to hit the door? I have had to slam the door & hit the door and it only works sometimes. The window quits working spur of the moment. It's like it's possessed or something. Would the wiring be bad already? I have babied this car. Well, any thought or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like a loose conection, i hate to say it but it's time to pull the door panel off and take a look. also check the connection to the switch.good luck
Is the door panel easy to remove? If done correctly will it go back on with little problem?
Do you still have it under warrenty? If so I would not even bother trying it yourself... make them fix it.
No, unfortunatly not, my warranty ended at 36K. I was told that I didn't need a warranty, it's a Ford. I should have known better. Will I be able to take that panel off without breaking anything?
just take the door panel off, check the connection on the motor and inspect the regulator for proper operation.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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