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Full Exhaust

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I want to built a complete exhaust for a svt i plan to get. Now ive read any new header will burn out the catlic. So.. what do i need to to get a full new exhaust. So what do i need...
Fc Race Header
New Flex Pipe
3 Inch Trubenz exhaust
And a extension pipe to replace a the cat?.. Also how hard will it be for me to put the cat and the header back on?
And ill be putting the cat back in when i need to get inspected. SO what else do i need.
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That's it
After that get a air intake and throttle bodie to complete the intake system,
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Sry this isnt going to a N/A car.
vortech svt cooled turbo
65mm T/B
New wires and plugs
O yea and where could i find myself a 3 inch flex pipe and extension. O yea .. would i lose much by doing a 2.5 inch exhaust .. and how loud woudl this be.. racer header without a silencer.
When did Vortech start making turbo's?

I thought they did superchargers only.
Sry i meant a supercharger. My bad.
Vortech does not make a turbo assembly. They work in Centrifugal Superchargers, and the associated components.

edit v1: nevermind on the above as you corrected yourself during my typing.

Even with a Vortech Supercharger, your exhaust should be fine @ 2.5". The 3" system really would be best utilized on a Turbo setup. I would suggest posing your query in the Forced Induction forum, as you may glean a bunch of information from there.

As far as removal an replacement of the header/cat is concerned. The cat is fairly easy, you just need the right sized tools for the various pieces (EGR connections, O2 sensors). The header is a little more time consuming, however, it is not what I would call difficult (if you have mechanical experience).
where is the stock catalytic converter located on the svt?
Is it part of the downpipe like it is on the zetec?
No, SVT headers have long primaries and the cat is parallel to the ground, I guess you would say.
yeah thats what i figured by the look of the offroad pipe on FC. Much better placement than the zetec.
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