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Funny Video!

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I feel sorry when this guy has to explain how he got waxed!!

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that scooter may have taken him in the 60'.....I wonder if thats real or not?

After I looked at and some other vids on that site, the video is real with the scooter and ws6...

[ 04-18-2003, 10:42 AM: Message edited by: David Anderson ]
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I guess it was seen before??
Damn what would a turbo on that scooter do

Believe me thats fake. Im a Goped know it all basically. The owner of Coast Ped (a goped shop) owns that goped. It is fast but that is just impossible. All thats written about the engine is fake. All that ped has is an nx kit, carb, filter, pipe, and lots of dress up on a g23 zenoah. Id say on the bottle which wont help much, it will run about 35-38mph.
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