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get to see some drifting tonight!!!

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I'm in Okinawa Japan right now for work and a friend of mine here is taking me to a hot spot tonight to see some good old fasioned Japanese drifting! I can't wait! I need to try to find a camera before I go.
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Keith if you remember to take your video camera, when you get back to the states, can you make me a copy and I will pay you for the copy of Drifting? Thanks.
My buddy that was stationed on the Okinawa for a year or so went to those a few times. He said they were crazy! They would go around corners 3 cars wide and wreck into buildings and poles. According to him, it's a lot crazier than anything you'll see in the States. He took some video, but I haven't had a chance to see it yet.
YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I just left Okinawa back in 99'. It was sweet as hell. I was there from my 7th grade to 11th. I'm sure your friend will show you some awesome places. He's probably going to take to a place called Ausia*(spell?) This place is very sweet, these guys drift in middle of downtown. Just around the corner over a bridge is where they all do the drags. Another place you should check out thats starts with a "H" sorry cant' remeber the name, but it's when they drift up a mountain and drift back down.. DAMN, do I miss that place. I swear, cars are so cheap there and our high school parking lot could almost be a HIN Show! HAVE FUN
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Sorry it took so long to reply, I don't have access to a computer very often while i'm here.

Anyway OMFG! that was amaizing! I didn't get any pictures or video though, sorry. I wish I could stay another week just to see it again. That place on the mountain sounds cool, nobody I know seems to know about it though.

There were easily about 300 cars there lining the streets, only about 20 or so were drifting though. Some of them were pretty wild looking. I'd have to say the coolest car there was a Skyline GTS-T. I saw a GT-R on the way there, at starbucks, but none once I got there.

I was surprised at how organized it seemed to be. The course was set up back in some industrial area neer the water. No one around except those who were there for the drifting.
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they have starbucks in japan?
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