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Glen Burnie, MD: 10/28/05

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Anybody going up to Checkers tonight? What about the track? I'll be going to the track tonight and then head to Checkers after that. See ya!
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What time are you going to the track?
What time are you going to the track?
I'll probably get there when it opens(5-5:30) and stay until whenever.
I get off work at 5pm... and work about 15 min away from the track. I might show up before I go to the movies tonight.
Im too lazy to drive down tonight.
^^^ Tonight? You're ALWAYS too lazy! lol

Of course, tonight was the first time in three weeks that I'VE made it too, but that was cuz I was stuck in Annapolis. Or "being a man-whore" as Deonna likes to put it. lol
Lol manwhore huh. Dont make me he-hoe man bitch slap you around mike. Come up to my new job tomorrow, we are test fitting my bumpers.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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