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gonna dyno tomorow

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finally, lol, with a wideband and all, gonna tune everything at 7psi, base boost, so i can tune in cam gears and all(since its the steadiest at this boost, no spikes) and after all is done, turn it up to 12psi and tune for power.

All this on 91 octane, maybe at the end i will add a few gallons of 110octane and run it to 15psi and more timing to see just how high i can go.

This time its all on stock cams, i sold the esslinger cam, kinda sux cause i lost a bit of topend, but we'll see what happens.

Shooting for 250whp on 91 octane on the high boost setting, 200whp on low boost(7psi)
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I thought you were gone and parted it out. Glad to see you back.
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Can you get away with 87 on low boost? Just curious about what the crap gas will do under low boost (5-7).

It would be nice to use the cheap stuff 'cept for racing.
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