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Good drag radials for SVT

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I want to put some sticky tires on my SVT and through down a good time, but I hear the smallest rims that will fit is 16's, I have a set of 16" Contour SVT wheel, but can I fit anything wider on, and what would be best size/tire for drag radial, right now I am getting 2.5 60' times, so I really need to do something.
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Yea I am avergaing about 2.5 60ft times as well. Glad to hear I am not the only one. Whats your best times so far and with what wheel/tire combination? I am still using stock rims/tires.
14.9 @ 93.5. I know I could knock some time off with a decent 60' time, but its not happening with what I got now. I am using stock rims with kumho mx's, and their great for handling, but suck straight line.
Im getting a 14.9 at 93.6mph and a 60ft time of 2.3 But this was the first time at the track for me. What kinda mods do you have (the guy with the same time) My tires are a 215/45/17 kumo extacy
I have got fiberglass rear seat delete, no sub and spare, (weight reduction), AEM CAI, AFX UDP, Cam gear, no t/c, test pipe, borla, maybe something else I can't think of, right now I have pretty much all bolt ons available short of nitrous or f/i. Stock clutch, all that crap. Also use kumho 215/45/17 ecsta mx's. They suck, its like if I am going to get traction I get bad wheel hop and bog, or I just spin like crazy, or just spin lightly and bog. Also have poly mounts and short throw.
Well, I talked to a guy who has a 300+ hp SVT, and he runs 245/16 BFG G-Force drag radials and got a best of a 2.1 60' time. With the kind of power he's making thats pretty good, and I would think running that tire would help us svt guys out quite a bit over what we have been using.
I would think someone would get a better 60' time than 2.1 with that bigger tire. My car did 2.2 60' with stock tires. I would think drag radials would do 2.0' to 1.9'.
I am not sure it was a 16" tire, tom told me he was running that size, but then he said it was on stock svt wheel, so I am thinking he must have meant 17's. Was that 2.2 60' before or after boost?
That was with boost.
BFG does make a 17" drag radial, the size is 205/40-17 I believe.

But, 205/50-15 should work very well on these cars. You can buy a pair of wheels (Rotas) and BFG's for about $500 or you can spend about that much on some decent slicks also.

But the drags will work fine in most cases. When alot of HP/TQ they become marginal. Plus you can drive home on them...
umm might be a really stupid question, but why not use a spacer/fat ass wheel combo for drag. Obviously, fat wheels will SUCK on the street, but why aren't tehy used at the track?

You mean fat like these? 15x8 Bogart Drag-On Flys with M&H 23x8.5x15 slicks
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AT LEAST that fat
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