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Hey. If you didn't read my previous topic from about 2 weeks ago, I blew up my Zetec and had to take it to a shop to install my new motor.

I finally got the ZX3 back today and am even more in love. It turns out that the Zetec I had before was broken when I bought it, and overheated, causing it not to be the best performance wise. When I got in the car with the new engine... IT WAS AWESOME!!!
I finally got to see what a normal Zetec was like.

Also, when I was in the shop paying for the motor, they told me never to shift above 4,000rpm, which I snickered at. The mechanics told me that the engine was "Japanese Garbage" and that it's no surprise it broke. I promptly told them that Cosworth designed the engine with Ford, and no Rice-Crap was in the design. They just laughed and told me to get a truck out here to haul away my old motor.

Shows that not everyone, even mechanics, know what they're talking about. Maybe I could teach 'em a thing or two with info from FJ.

Time to drive...........

- Matt
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