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January 31 2014: Ordered a set of side skirts from GP-Werks.

February 12 2014: Got an email saying that my stuff was in and would ship the next day. Figured it would take about 3 days to get to me in Washington from California, never had anything take more than 5 days to get to me from there.

February 20 2014: Still haven't received my order so I sent an email to [email protected] requesting tracking info. No Response.

February 24 2014: Called 562-789-4026 (The number listed on their site and at the bottom of the email I got on the 12th). Get a generic answering service that doesn't even mention the company name, but I leave a message including my invoice # and phone # requesting tracking information. No Response.

February 27 2014: Sent a PM to gpsales on this site requesting tracking info. No Response yet, not expecting one.

March 04 2014: Finally got a working tracking #

March 06 2014: Got the parts in. The skirts are quite dirty and have a few scratches. Makes me wonder if they were made back in the F2 days and have been moved from warehouse to warehouse since then. (Especially with the big F2 logo molded on the inside). But whatever, nothing a little cleaning and sanding won't take care of.

Overall it seems like a series of extenuating circumstances is to blame for the length of time it took to get these parts. The lack of communication is blamed on being to busy, I don't think thats a very good excuse personally.

So while I wouldn't necessarily recommend these guys based on they're customer service, I don't think they are out to rip anyone off.


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Aaron sorry I did check on the side skirts for you and the address my shipper put was incorrect (it was missing one number..) ... And UPS had a problem with the odd shaped package so they wanted to charge more for it...
We are using Fedex instead for this... I have been busy to follow up but not trying to shady at all, just real busy...
We have worked really hard to get these parts done so in no way do we want to ruin any work we have done... Although I am new here I am trying to catch up fast with a lot to do...
I will email this weekend as I am here working on all things that need to get done...

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