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Post your pics of Great Lakes peeps, meets and G2G's here!

I'll start it off.

God I love cake

Chaney on his communte to work. :)

can I get some fries with that?

I may have ripped my pants...

the night of the 8lb burrito...

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Chaney said:
Mike and his cuz hugging at FITF 2005? Drunk, pre peeing in tent?

Also isn't this the same year you drank a little Jagger?
Actually that is FITF I Circa 2004 (wow that was a long time ago...)

The Jager incident was a while later... and at the spring g2g...

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I haven't been to any regional meets for a while...(they're only 4 years old...)

Spring Into Focus kinda went downhill after this one...

Thanks to Andy for still hosting for us!:thumbup:

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I have not been to a Focus g2g in years, so I don't have too many pictures from the events.

Here is my wife and I with my 2000 ZX3 and my 2003 SVT.

My Mustang and I autocrossing at GVSU this summer. Right after this picture was taken, the front suspension failed. Oh well, good excuse for a tubular k-member and tubular a-arms

GingerMan in June 2007

More Mustang pictures at

That is my brother's website, and we keep a collection of Mustang pictures there. We are adding a section for my old ZX3 in a few weeks.
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