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Groaning noise on Decel

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ok.,.. i got a wierd one.. anyone ever experiece this one... It seems when i start the car and it's still cool.. i get this aweful groaning/draggin noise on decel. I brought it to the dealer a few times and even had a few of my tech look at it. (VW guys) and no one had any idea. It sound almost as if i am draggin something.. Ford replaced a centerbearing and it still does it...

Oh yeah it might help to let ya's know it's a 2000 focus SE sedan. with the Ztech engine.

Its strange it seems as it warms up it does go away, but ever time i decel or brake of even let off the gas when the car dips slightly forward i get that noise.. it sound like my front end is shaking apart...

anyone have any experience with this or heard of it???
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oh.. and i have had the wheel bearings checked.. and they are ok... nothing heard when up in the air.. seems more when the car is lurching forward slightly as if decel or braking..
its the bearings. well to the world of owning a 2000-2003 focus. lol
What trans have you got?
What bearings.. It's not the wheel bearing.. it now happens at idle.. it seems to be a vibration from the engine itself. Harmonic balancer??
Probably not the balancer, is it more pronounced with the clutch in or out?
Probably not the balancer, is it more pronounced with the clutch in or out?
NO .. does it with both... a slight bit more without pressing in clutch only because there is no load.. but if i am going downhill it does not change at all.. because the car is leaning forward..

i almost thought it was something draggin cause if i accel it goes away.. and if i hit bumps it will comes and go as i go over them.. but it now shakes my whole car when i start it for a while
have you checked the motor mounts at all :confused:
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