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Groaning noise on Decel

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ok.,.. i got a wierd one.. anyone ever experiece this one... It seems when i start the car and it's still cool.. i get this aweful groaning/draggin noise on decel. I brought it to the dealer a few times and even had a few of my tech look at it. (VW guys) and no one had any idea. It sound almost as if i am draggin something.. Ford replaced a centerbearing and it still does it...

Oh yeah it might help to let ya's know it's a 2000 focus SE sedan. with the Ztech engine.

Its strange it seems as it warms up it does go away, but ever time i decel or brake of even let off the gas when the car dips slightly forward i get that noise.. it sound like my front end is shaking apart...

anyone have any experience with this or heard of it???
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