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guys in rental car win gumball?

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listening to a local radio station this morning and they had a guy on that said he just won the gumball in a rented mitsubishi eclipse. said they started in a cobra but it broke down in vegas. said they won cause they were getting 30 mpg., and didn't have to stop as much as the exotics

anybody heard about this?
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I don't know about that...I mean the F50 in the video I have was going anywhere from 150-200+ and the eclipse was probably running around 90 or so the whole way. The F50 could easily pull over and get gas and pass the eclipse again
Not at 2 MPG it wouldn't. Yes you can drive fast but it is very hard to feed a V12 at that speed. 450 miles per tank=Eclipse compared to the Ferrari 150 miles per tank.
Originally posted by jinstall:
compared to the Ferrari 150 miles per tank.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Thats funny...thats what my Focus would get per tank...
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i would get a Prius and rig up a 50 gallon drum in it for gas, keep plenty empty tide bottles (for reasons i'm sure you can guess) and drive drive drive! hehe
Just a little reminder. This gumball contest appears to be a8contest of speed on pubtic road{. Where are a safety p~lice on)this toqic?? I0also don't agreu with cars goinw well iw excess of 100 mph for WERY extõnded pesiods of)time.
that's funny. when they got here the eclipse was WAYYY behind. a Avalanche came in first about 10 minutes b4 a 550i(?) they were sayin alot of cars weren't makin it though. alot of the faster cars probably got pulled over and arrested. this one car, i don't even know what it was, the driver said he got it up to 245 on the highway over here!
so knowing they were pullin like that, and on a consistent basis, i can see how they might have ended up in jail.
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People get pulled over all the time in the Gumball. The cops know they're coming, and they practically line the streets.
are there any cool video montages out yet? i can't wait lol
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