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Thanks for all your help guys, especially Scott, Louis and Trent, you really pulled through for me. Well as for the front strut, I talked to the guy this morning and he honestly replied it had never been in an accident nor did he yank it out when selling it. He has promised to work with me on getting this straightened out. However, on a good note, the clanking noise is starting to subside, I drove it to Aurora last night and back, and all I got was a really harsh ride (
) Man those back struts are stiffer than a virgin on Prom night. I don't even know if I want to install the P51 shims.

But anyways, I love the car, the alignment is desperatly needed, and the wheels feel terrific, not as much HP loss w/ the wheels than what I expected. I'll keep you guys updated.....

<font color="red"> P.S. For those of you who weren't there, my issue with the front passenger side is that when I cranked the coilovers all the way up, they were just about even in front. Take it for a spin, the front pass. has droppped 1/8-1/4". Mess w/ it a little, take a spin, now it's about 3/8" further, and the coilover is turned all the way up. I did notice some oil on the shaft, called one of my friends, and we think the strut might be blown. </font>

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