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Hatch keeps popping open

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Over the past week my hatch has magically popped open while I'm away. It happened while I was at school and then today at work. I'll get in, start it up, and then the door ajar light is on. Its none of the front doors, so I go and check the hatch and its open. WTF is causing this?
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me,'s happened to me a couple of times!!!....
i thought i was imagining it!
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Whew! I thought I was going crazy! That's happened to me A LOT of times too. It's really freaking annoying.
it happened to my sedan
my trunk always pops open.
but it turns out that my "escape from trunk" handle (the yellow tag thingy where u pull if u get stuck in the trunk) is stuck and that's what keeps poping my trunk.

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That has happened to me I had to get the latch replaced, it was still under warrenty then.
that used to happen to me every once in awhile...then the trunk release inside went out....but dats o.k. cause I have my skunk spray switch there now!
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