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Have freon, harness plugged into compressor...but NO A/C!

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OK so i checked the freon in my car and it is ok, i checked to see if the harness is plugged into the compressor and thats ok...but the clutch on the compressor is still kicking on and off in like 1 second intervals...not sure what to do but any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW i have tried searching and nothing. Steve
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there is a pressure switch in the line that activates the compressor. you might want to check that. you will need to evacuate the freon from the system before you remove the switch. I cannot rember if the switch is normaly open or normaly closed. so I dont want to give any testing advice, for fear that it may cause your car more problems. I would take it to an air conditioning speicalaist. they would be able to help with this.

good luck
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Ok is there a How-To somewhere for this procedure? Thanks Steve
also check in front of the condenser if a bag or something is blocking the air flow the condensor cannot cool the freon and will cause a hot and or high presure situation which will cycle the compressor. also check that the fans come on when you switch on the a.c.

good luck
I just checked and nothing is blocking it and yes the fans kick on. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Steve
Mine was doing the same thing when I was home on leave. Just add the r134a and it will quit cycling so fast and it will blow cold air again. oh BTW don't trust the guage on those cans that you get at the auto parts store mine was reading like the system was full but it wasn't. I think thats the same thing you have going on. good luck
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