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haze on headlights?

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my dad took his passat for service and he asked them about the haze on his headlights. I also have this haze on my focus headlights. They said they will take it off for 25 dollars each with some type of chemical. He told them no for no only because he wanted to know what this chemical was and if you could do it yourself. anyone have any idea what they use to get the haze off and if its too dangerous to do yourself?

Thanks for the help
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I posted something like this for axon too...I'll find the product again and let you know where to get it...hold on one sec.

dentless dave.
so the bright solutions or the meguiars is the way to go?
Another way to clean them is to get a bottle of nail polish remover & some cotton balls. Put some of the nail polish cleaner on a cotton ball and then start w/a small area and using circular movements, it will take off the haze. Got this tip from Pat Goss on MOTORWEEK a few years ago.
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Thanks for the link FrescoFoci. I need to do this to my headlights.
dont go with the isnt worth the money
A super fine rubbing compound will work as well. Do it by hand or with a mini-buffer (you can get the attachment for a drill) and it should make your lights look great. We've used this in our shop at school before. I was skeptical at first, then my instructor did it as a demo for the class, and it worked, now I'm a beleiver.
so this haze is on the outside..

BLAST I have been wondering what is was for the past year, but never cared to look at it.. I guess its all the road grime / dirt / garbage hitting them.
Could also try a product called Klear Lites. When used properly, the results are great!



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