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Haze on windows

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There is a haze on the inside of my windshield. I cannot for the life of me get rid of it. I had it in my Contour but I attributed it to smoking in the car. While I still smoke, never in my Focus. How can I get rid of this?
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dude i know what youre talking about.... take strait washer fluid and put it on a clean towel, clean your windsheild with it then put water on the towel to clean off the soapy stuff and then dry it.... it should work really well, ive done it before
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The haze is from gasses being emitted from the plastic dashboard. This can't be stopped,only cleaned off with window cleaner.
The haze is from gasses being emitted from the plastic dashboard. This can't be stopped,only cleaned off with window cleaner.
I agree and what I use is either Eagle One 20/20 Glass Cleaner,Stoner Invisible Glass or TurtleWax ClearVue Professional Glass Cleaner.All are ammonia free and remove the hazy build up on windshield,glass,chrome and mirrors.Also always use a clean cloth for best results.Some others may have additional solutions for you to try too.
Dweezel posts again! Go back to team-ma!!!
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It's not so much the cleaner you use, but rather, the media.(no pun intended!) Newspaper is the ultimate glass cleaner. Just use your favorite brand of glass cleaner, and some gloves to keep the printing ink off your hands(it will wash off if you prefer no gloves).
Give it a try.
I use micro-fiber towels. One to clean, one to dry. I think it works better than newspapers.
I have gotten rid of 90% of it by using the Rain-x no-fog stuff on the inside of my windshield. And when it does get fogged, it wipes off much easier and stays away for much longer.
Newspapers, BAH HUMBUG. Can there be anything more inconvenient to use to clean windows with, I don't think so. To add to the comment on the film build up though, it isn't just your dash off gassing, it's everything in the car doing it. If there was less plastic cr_p then there would be less haze buildup. You have to clean it off with a good window cleaner if it builds up heavily, then once most the grime is gone, use RO water (or demineralized) mixed with alcohol (I know Griots charges 15+ bucks a gallon but mix your own for about 2) so you don't get a build up from the window cleaner itself. I usually mix 10 oz of water and 2 oz of alcohol. Doesn't clean very well (stubborn stuff, oil spots, bugs etc) because by nature alcohol doesn't, but after the difficult stuff is off with some more agressive cleaner make sure you clean it again with the alcohol mix, it leaves no buildup or streaks if done right. I clean ALL my windows on the outside EVERYDAY. I know about build up, when you cover your car it has to be clean first.
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Lots of valid options offered so far.

But I have just tried the Zaino Bros. Window Polish. IT works really well IMO and they advertise specifically that it removes the interior haze. It also lessens scratches and those annoying wiper blade etchings...!

IT's 12.95 at their web site. I highly recommend. One note, do not use too much at a time, it will cake up and the dried stuff can go everywhere. Do small sections and wipe them off as you go like they recommend.

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Do you use Armor All? Cuz it gives of a gas when it is in the sunlight, and hazes up your windows.
Someone mentioned its from gases emitted by the dashboard.. True, some interior chemicals like Armor All, etc can cause adverse hazing.. You mention it keeps coming back - also keep in mind the hazing can be caused by the gases/air from the A/C and defroster. If you're like me, when I'm not actively trying to cool or heat my car, I keep the HVAC on the Defroster setting and the fan Off but fresh air will come thru the defroster vents. I get hazing from that as well.
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