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Happy birthday Troy! Just you and the little one will have shared b-day parties forever...and she'll hate it.
happy b-day troy.
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happy b-day Jon
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Thanks guys I got my cams and gears paid for me and I got ratcheting wrenches and after my party then there will be more parts maybe a TB or exhaust mani. don't know yet what do you guys think???I talked my dad into the stroker kit and FS head for grad perz,that's 10 mths away though.
Forget the stroker kit and get some FI turbo/supercharger. Everything eles is cool.
I am thinking no matter which header you get you should get it coated. trust me on this one. the only header I have heard that had problems were the jba ones were cracking. I dont know if they have fixed it yet. my info is a little dated. congrats on all the new toys.
Todd the stroker kit THEN turbo. I posted in the FI&N room and they told me I'm lookin at some BIG #'s. I was spose to get all this stuff for my b-day and x-mas but then my dad said that he would buy the turbo,stroker kit and head for me when I grad so I was like ok. here's what the guys have to say...
Happy Bday

JonFocus03 said:
the stroker kit THEN turbo

Happy BDay!!
Happy Bday trevor!!!!
:party: thnxs
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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