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header ???

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Will I make more power w/a race header, or a shorty w/a high flow cat? Also, out of the Focus Central race header, and the Focus Sport race header, which is best?? Im really leanin toward focus centrals, i like its design, and i'm a lil biased bc dave from fc has answered thousands of my questions since I first got the car lol
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FS 4-1 race header with there flex pipe, great combo.
From my experience the FC header's quality isn't very good, mine rusted pretty bad, lots of others I've seen have rusted and cracked. Personally I'm having the best performance with my Kamikaze header and their quality is awsome. Had mine on now longer than both my JBA shortie and my FC and it still has a nice shine to it.
well, FC has had a few problems but mine is still holding together with my power but I like the FS headers
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