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Hearing slight squeking/clicking noise

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I had the Clutch TSB done to my car at 23,000 now at about 26,500 and lately starting in first gear about to start driving if my window is down i can her a slight squeaking and or clicking sound coming from the engine or tranny...? but only from starts rite when i start to start driving....Should This be a problem i should take to ford yet AGAIN!!
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Sounds to me like the cat bracket on the back of the engine. Jack the car up, and 'bang' on your exhaust. You should hear the rattle up there.

lol already got that problem fixed about a month ago
I have that squeak as I let out the clutch from a stand-still only. Really p's me off too! The car shifts fine; the clutch doesn't seem to be slipping either.
I'd love to know what it is too!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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