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hella Blinkers for Euro Bumpers???

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I order the hella blinkers for my Reiger bumper off of strictly-foreign. i got a call from them sayin that those blinkers only fit the lumma tuning bumper. i thought all the euro blinkers were the same. Am i wrong??? most places i have called r out of stock. they werent. answer please asap. i need to get them painted. thanks
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no one??
I got them I installed mine a few weekends ago. They are the same, but for some reason the hellas wont sit quite right. I dunno, I talked to my buddy and he said his fit directly on.

BTW, this is on a 1998 bumper
I have them on my Euro bumper, they fit just fine. They are said to fit all euro bumpers before 02.


i was told these only fit the lumma tuning. did the guy not know what he was talkin about??? i said to him i was pretty sure they were all the same and he was like no there not. they look identical to the other euro bumper cut outs. Were else can i get these from?lots of places were out of stock.
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dude, thats bull, I've seen those hella turn signals on like every euro bumper from stock to R/S to Reiger. They Fit period.
thanks. i was pretey sure they did too. but then the guy got in an argument with me about it said they werw rong so id idnt order em. idiots!!!
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