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hella headlights question

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whats that little box thing that sits on the drivers side low beam? it makes a noise when i turn on the lights... i thought it might have been a little alignment motor but they dont move when its making noise... so anyways what is that thing? and there are also wedge bulbs in the high beams, but they dont turn on... how do i get those to work?
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I think its the ballast. Do the lamps move generally? I think no.

The lamps you are telling about not working I think are the small, yes? A friend of mine has Hella and he had the same problem, he went to an electrician and thats all.
what in the world is a ballast? and what does it do?
you guys are nuts. You only have ballasts if you have REAL hids. And the ballasts don't make noise. But the HID capsules (bulbs) do - its like a high pitched electrical hum. Hellas do move, if you wire up the motors on each of the left and right sides. You can get the european light switch w/ the height adjustment scroller wheel to aim them from inside the car from Sascha at [censored].net. Other than that, I don't know what the noise would be.


oh... those little bulbs are T4w bulbs... they are your built in city lights. You have to wire them up seperately to a switch. They look like this...

My headlights and parking lights are off.
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