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Hella Magic Module tail light owners........

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Hey, I installed the Hella Magic Module tail lights about 2 weeks ago and everything is fine, but they fit very close to the rest of the car. They came with 4 washers that have a grey kind of soft material on one side of them. I assume that these are suppose to act like spacers to give some clearence between the lights and the rest of the car. I can't figure out how they do that. Do they go on the mounting posts INSIDE the tail lights? Please tell me what you guys did with them.

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I dont have the hella tails, but the rubber/foamy rings are used in my aftermarket tails too. One goes on the long stud on the tail light all the way to the base, the other goes on the short metal "pin". Repeat other side. This is to prevent moisture getting inside the car by plugging the holes.
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