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Hey guys, I am new to the list.

I have an '02 ZTS, auto, zetec engine that has occassionally died for no apparent reason. The first time was driving across Arizona in April. It sputtered some, then it died. I pulled over and waited it out. It took about 1 hour of waiting, and then it started up and I didn't have any problem after that or so I thought. I assumed it was bad gas.

I was driving this past week from TX to MI and the car began to do the same thing and finally left me stranded in St. Louis. It had also started to overheat. I got towed to a dealer and they discovered the connector to the radiator fan had shorted and melted. Replaced connector and it seemed fine. They never went looking for the original problem. Continued the rest of the trip and everything seemed fine. Got to MI and on a hot afternoon a day or so ago, the car died again. Only after driving at least 45 minutes in temps over 90 does this occur.

Need to make the return to trip to TX and wondering if I will be stranded somewhere again.

Any ideas?? It doesn't seem like a filter because it flows plenty of gas if I hold the trans if 1st gear, accel with slight brake to simulate load.

Are there any recalls for fuel pump on '02 ZTS? Other recalls??

What scan tool do you guys recommend to pull engine codes with?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

Jess M.
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