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New to the forum, but I do know my way around the SVT Focus so this experience is new to me.

I am currently in the middle of doing a SVT Focus Engine swap to another car. I am mid-way through the tuning process, and I have hit a road block.

Now that the car has achieved idle via tuning, it keeps wanting to idle at the current throttle limiter, I.E. 4k. At first it would only do it when I tapped the pedal, no pressure at all was applied. Now it does it from the get go. It jumps to 4k and sticks there, bouncing off the limiter by a couple hundred rpm. I have no physical control over this. And it doesn't fall.

Originally during the tuning process, I gave my tuner incorrect information regarding the fuel injectors. I told him that the injectors Im using are the original SVTF 30lb injectors. Instead, Im using the swap car's original 19lb injectors. So he has a tune for me with the fixed values, and I have not tried it out yet.

Now, would the injectors have caused this? OR is it something I have yet to diagnose? IAC? TPS? PCV? Vacuum Leak?

I am not using the original SVTF ECU or wiring harness, most of the SVTF sensors remained on the engine. The ECU is from a ZX2, which is what Im swapping the engine into.

Im using the SVT ECT, CKP, IAC, FPS, FPM, and TPS sensors
The ZX2 OPS and MAF were used

I removed the CMP, VCT, and KNS. (VCT and KNS removed and left unplugged.(CMP also left unplugged(VCT and CMP tuned out))).

I also had to extend sections of the harness. The FPS and TPS wiring was extended, and I had to use a connector for the TPS from an SVTF harness, the SVTF harness has different wire colors for the TPS harness from the one the ZX2 has. Im pretty sure I got the pin-out correct, it should be 1-2-3 to 1-2-3. I also used the CKP from the SVTF, so a different connector was wired in there as well.

Can anyone give me a comparison for the SVTF TPS pin out/wire colors from the ZX2 TPS pin out/wire colors?

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Try posting in a different section. This one is for local events and such. I'd try svt or Ztec sections. Might get a better response.
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