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Hi all guys!
I'm new on this forum, and for some time I was reading a lot of interesting topics, and I congratulate you all for the amount of information and experience that you have made available. I commend it to you to figure out some things about my car. I have a 2005 Focus 1.6 TDCi 109 bhp, and I intend to make changes such as:
- Turbo increased
- Cat and terminal
- air filter
- Racing clutch
- remapping

My concern is the diff.
I read so much on the forum about the MTX75, and I realized that it is very strong, but I wanted to understand how much torque can hold the stock diff. I read around that the limit is 345 Nm, then I read that much people have it stock with around 300 bhp ... Could You help me understand the limitations of the original engine, without compromising reliability, and if I should change the diff?
I pay close attention to the car, I warm up the engine, do not burning starts when not needed, but when I can, I enjoy myself, and I want to increase its power within the limits without risking breakage.
Thank you all, and congratulations again for the great forum!

ps: I hope I have posted in the right section, I apologize if it does not
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