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help installing tach adapter

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I recieved my tach adapter and was hoping that some one has moredetailed instructions with pics. I posted in interior, but got limited responses. thanks for the help
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I've installed an Autometer but I don't know what kind of tach adapt. you have since you didn't say...
It is the ford tach adapter for the 05 duratec. The 05 requires a tach adapter to install a tachometer.
if no one knows can someone atleast explain to me maybe with some pictures of where the crankshaft position sensor is. all help is appreciated
Its the three wires that go to the CPS. You can see them comming out from the plastic shield guarding the under drive pullie.
so are they easy to get to? can you tell me the general location in the engine bay? Like do i need to get to them from underneath the car or from the top of the engine bay?
The CPS is located down by the crank pulley. The wires can probably be traced up high, hiding in the maze of the wiring harness.
Right under the crank pulley is right, it's a little pastic clip thingy with two wires, I remeber one of them was red and white, the other might have been yellow and something, but I might be wrong. The hardest part is finding those wires and tapping into them, there is really not much to the rest of the install...
ok I got it installed. Now I just have to work on making it look cleaner. kind of a PIA to ruin all those wires, but atleast its working. Thanks for all of the help. Just curious what is the best shift point. I think the rev limiter is set at 6,800 so should I shift there or where should I shift?
shift at 6500 or maybe 6600 find some stock duratec dyno charts and look where the power starts to drop off and that will be your shift point.
since I have a cold air intake does that mean i should shift higher?
Your car stops making power at around 6000 since it's mostly stock.. You can go a few hundred above that but if you over do it you're slowing yourself down...
6500 is the drop on the 2.0
so should i shift at 600o or 6,500?
6500 is the drop on the 2.0
Nope, 6750 is. I find it best to shift around 6000-6200.
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